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ICSEI has always been at the forefront of generating new research and professional knowledge. As an organization, ICSEI provides a powerful infrastructure for connecting policy, research and practice. It continues to play a pivotal and important role in the contemporary debate about school and system improvement.
This new monograph series is an important contribution to the creation and dissemination of knowledge about school effectiveness and school improvement (SESI). It provides an opportunity for leading researchers, policy makers and practitioners to share their ideas, their empirical work and to push the boundaries of the SESI knowledge base.
This monograph series is another important milestone for ICSEI. It underlines a commitment that has spanned several decades, to high quality debate, discussion and dialogue based upon evidence. The series is intended to bring new thinking, new challenges and new ideas to the field.
Professor Alma Harris
President of ICSEI






Issue 1

The Practice of School Instructional Improvement: Improvement, (Infra)-structure & Instruction

James P. Spillane

Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

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