President - Michael Schratz

President Elect - Andy Hargreaves

ICSEI President Elect, Andy Hargreaves, is the Thomas More Brennan Chair in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Before that, he was the co-founder and co-Director of the International Centre for Educational Change at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Andy has authored or edited over 30 books. Several of these have achieved outstanding writing awards from the American Educational Research Association, the American Libraries Association, and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School (with Michael Fullan, 2012), received three prizes including the prestigious Grawemeyer Award in Education for 2015. Other recent books include Uplifting Leadership (with Alan Boyle and Alma Harris), Jossey Bass, 2014; and The Global Fourth Way (with Dennis Shirley), Corwin, 2012

Andy serves as adviser in education to the Premier of Ontario, is founding editor of two scholarly journals, and holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Uppsala. In 2015, he was ranked the #6 scholar with most influence on US education policy debate.

Past President - Alma Harris

Dr Alma Harris is Professor of Educational Leadership at the Institute of Education (IOE, London). She is currently Professor and Director of the Institute of Educational Leadership at the University of Malaya. From 2008, she was the Pro-Director (Leadership) at the Institute of Education, London. In 2010/12 she was a senior policy adviser to the Welsh Government. Her research work focuses primarily on leading organizational change and development. She is internationally known for her work on school improvement, focusing particularly on improving schools in challenging circumstances. Alma has written extensively about leadership in schools and she is an expert on the theme of distributed leadership. Her book 'Distributed Leadership in Schools: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow' (published in 2008 by Routledge & Falmer Press) has been translated into several languages.

Board Member - Ariel Lindorff-Vijayendran

Board Member - Hechuan Sun

Prof. Dr. Hechuan Sun has extensive experiences in teaching and administration. She is the Vice President of China Educational Effectiveness Association, Chair of the Science and Technology Association of SNU, an Expert of China National Inspectorate in MoE. She has participated in policymaking in China national inspection in education. She is an active fellow of ten educational research associations at home and abroad. She also serves on several international editorial advisory boards and serves as a reviewer for SSCI journals. In total, she has published over 200 articles and 15 books worldwide, undertaken 18 international and national research projects on SESI, teacher quality assessment and educational reforms.

Board Member - Persille Schwartz

Board Member - Paige Fisher

Paige Fisher is a teacher educator and researcher at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. She is also the Executive Director of the Centre for Innovative Educational Leadership at VIU, which is an outreach centre dedicated to community and field-based professional learning and research. Her research interests revolve around initiatives that are directly and indirectly focused on supporting positive identity formation in young people.

Board Member - Sam Stringfield

Board Member - Susan E. Elliott-Johns

Board member - Suwarsih Madya

Suwarsih Madya  her B.A. degree from IKIP Yogyakarta, which was converted into Yogyakarta State University in 1999, and her M.A. and doctoral degrees from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia in 1983 and 1987 respectively. In 2003 she earned her professorship in foreign language teaching. She is currently the Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Partnership Affairs, Yogyakarta State University. Her current  job is facilitated by her understanding of crucial educational issues and her experiences in international cooperation, which have been enhanced by a number of positions she assumed: (1) the Attache for Education and Culture, Indonesian Embassy, Bangkok (1995-1999), that gave her opportunities to interact international communities; (2) the Assistant Director  of the Post-graduate School, Yogyakarta State University (2000-2002), that gave her opportunities  to interact with  foreign students and experts; (3) a Member of the Governing Board, the UNESCO Institute for Education, Hamburg, Germany (2001-2004), that involved her in discussions of  adult educational issues in different countries; (4) the Head of the Bureau for International Cooperation and Public Relations, Ministry of National Education (2003-2005);  (5) Head of the Office of Education, Yogyakarta Special Territory (2008-2010), that gave her opportunities to observe educational policy making and practice.  Her understanding of and expertise in EFL teaching and learning have been enhanced by leading as Vice-President and President the Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN) from 2000-2003 and 2003-2009 respectively.  She also learned a great deal from chairing the 6th Asia TEFL International Conference attended by more than 1000 participants from more than 30 countries in Bali, Indonesia (2008), and the 27th ICSEI International Conference attended by around 350 participants from more than 30 countries in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2014). Last but not least, she will learn more from being a member of the ICSEI Board  (2015-2017).

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