2005 Convention - Opening Presidential Address

International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI)

Barcelona, 2 January 2005

Breaking Boundaries: Radical Innovation in Education:
Unlocking Potential of and for ICSEI

Louise Stoll
, ICSEI President

Breaking Boundaries: Radical Innovation in Education


Moving forward

So, how do we move forward? ICSEI cannot afford to stand still. In the last couple of years ICSEI has started to break new boundaries, but we have further to go. We have changed our membership arrangements and have our own secretariat. Already, ICSEI members:

  • have the opportunity to be involved in a dynamic network of colleagues from around the world collaborating to enhance school effectiveness and school improvement in their contexts;
  • receive a newsletter three times a year;
  • have access to secure parts of the website where they can join interest networks;
  • get cheaper attendance at our annual conference; and
  • can choose from a number of quality journals at competitive prices.
  • What radical innovations have we come across at this conference that we might adapt for use in our context to help address the most pressing school improvement issues?
  • What innovative international projects can we design with ICSEI colleagues to help promote school effectiveness and improvement?
  • How can we help ICSEI this year to maintain an ongoing dialogue about sustainable school improvement internationally?
  • Who in our home context needs to know about ICSEI and its work?

Have a great conference!

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