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  • Local authority arrangements are taking over responsibilities from provincial, state and national governments

  • Increasingly, educational and child welfare policy is becoming localised

  • More and more schools are becoming part of networks and strategic alliances which go far beyond the immediate school environment

  • School improvement is becoming an integral part of neighbourhood/municipal/regional developments

  • The traditional construct of school is being replaced by the process of schooling within a model of lifelong learning which contributes to development of community cohesion and citizenship

Consequently, many city councils, municipalities and regional agencies appear to be questioning their current practices and relationships with schools and, through this process, are seeking to review their capacity for making a difference to the learning and life changes of children.

There are many examples globally of federal, provincial, state and community governance arrangements through which national education and child welfare policy imperatives are interpreted, mediated and delivered at local level.
Within all of these models there is one common feature, namely, a set of professional officers, administrators and advisers whose role it is to support the strategic and political determination of policy and subsequently, manage the delivery of that policy on behalf of the communities for whom they work.

The dilemma of collaboration

  • Policymakers (at differentiated levels)

  • Politicians (at differentiated levels)

As a result these respective groups will require new competencies, knowledge, skills and behaviours in areas such as: providing directions, leading and managing change, managing information, communicating and engaging effectively with children, youth, parents and care givers, managing networks and working with partners and stakeholders.

  • It really stimulates and facilitates school improvement


In order to meet the challenges set out above ICSEI has established the 3P network which will serve as a professional practice and research network for all those professionals engaged in the policy determination, planning and delivery of services to children and young people.

How it will work

It is intended that members of the 3P network will meet annually during the ICSEI conference.  In between these meetings members of the network will aim to share practice through:

  • Joint conferences presentations outside of ICSEI

Thus, at its core, the 3P network will aim to provide opportunities for:

  • Exchanging professional practice

  • Reflecting on professional practice

  • Developing a collective wisdom base

  • Providing the impetus for research into local authority capacity building and collective impact.

To register interest in joining the 3P network, please contact:

Erica van Roosmalen or Naomi Mertens

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