The ICSEI Story

The ICSEI Story

For more than three decades ICSEI has focused on making schools around the world excellent and equitable. ICSEI’s purpose is simple yet profound:

Advancing the quality and equity of education by promoting and contributing to the improvement and effectiveness of schools and other educational institutions (ICSEI Constitution, revised 2019)

Members of ICSEI come from all corners of the earth, from diverse settings and hold a variety of perspectives, with representation from policy makers, practitioners and scholars. ICSEI conferences generally attract people from over 50 countries and have been organised by local members and committees around the world.

London, England 1988 Hong Kong 2000 Malmo, Norway 2012
Rotterdam, the Netherlands 1989 Toronto, Canada 2001 Santiago, Chile 2013
Jerusalem, Israel 1990 Copenhagen, Denmark 2002 Jogjakarta, Indonesia 2014
Cardiff, Wales 1991 Sydney, Australia 2003 Cincinnati, USA 2015
Victoria, Canada 1992 Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2004 Glasgow, Scotland 2016
Norrköping, Sweden 1993 Barcelona, Spain 2005 Ottawa, Canada 2017
Melbourne, Australia 1994 Fort Lauderdale, USA 2006 Singapore 2018
Leeuwarden, the Netherlands 1995 Portorož, Slovenija 2007 Stavanger, Norway 2019
Minsk, Belarus 1996 Auckland, New Zealand 2008 Marrakesh, Morocco 2020
Memphis, USA 1997 Vancouver, Canada 2009 International Virtual Congress 2021
Manchester, England 1998 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010 International Virtual Congress 2022
San Antonio, USA 1999 Lefkosia, Cyprus 2011 Vina del Mar, Chile 2023

The breadth of backgrounds makes ICSEI unique.  The focus is schools: a concern for school effectiveness, school improvement, educational innovation and transformation, excellence in education, equity in education, educational policy, school differences and school effects. The lenses are research, policy and practice and the nexus between them. The forum is face-to-face and electronic as the members cross boundaries for serious discussion about what works to improves schools.

Schools and schooling are complex. ICSEI embraces the complexity and always looking for connections and synergies that honour that complexity.  ICSEI provides a space where different opinions and different perspectives are respected – not passively but intentionally through building personal trust among individuals and groups so that the many facets of our work can be listened to, extended, challenged, pondered and translated into policy and practice.

(excerpt from text prepared for Ottawa 2017 by Lorna Earl, ICSEI Past President and Life Member, updated)