The International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement was established in 1986 and has held 33 Annual Congresses around the world since that time.

ICSEI has always been a small organisation, with a Board of volunteers, which provides services to a worldwide education community. Any funds raised are used to conduct yearly Congresses and provide other educational services to Members and the wider education community.

In 2016, under the Presidencies of Michael Schratz and then Andy Hargreaves, the ICSEI Board commenced a review of its governance structure to ensure it was still the best structure for the company.

In 2018, the Board decided that it would be beneficial for ICSEI to become a Not-for-Profit company, registered in Australia, where ICSEI Pty Ltd was already established, because ICSEI’s purpose, activities, membership, Board operation, and Constitution were much more akin to those of a Not-for-Profit company, and the taxation savings would be considerable. This was reported to the 2019 AGM of ICSEI Pty Ltd.

During 2019 ICSEI transitioned from ICSEI Pty Ltd to the new ICSEI Not-for-Profit company, which is also a registered charity.

Because is not legally possible to transition directly from a Pty Ltd company to a Not-for-Profit company, a lengthy process had to be undertaken, with the new company being established first, then both ICSEI Pty Ltd and ICSEI Ltd operating in parallel for almost all of 2019.

International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement Limited (“ICSEI”) was registered as a public company limited by guarantee on 5 February 2019, and gained tax-exempt and charitable status in May 2019.

This new Not-for-Profit company commenced trading in late June 2019. All the funds, assets and liabilities of ICSEI Pty Ltd were transferred to ICSEI and the elected Board members of ICSEI Pty Ltd all became members of the Board of ICSEI.

Once this occurred, the Final Accounts were prepared by the Accountants and approved by the Board, and ICSEI Pty Ltd was deregistered on 20 February 2020. The accounts can be accessed here.  

There is also a Board transition process from the governance structure and elected members of ICSEI Pty Ltd to ICSEI. This is a transparent process which is set out in the Appendix to the ICSEI Constitution.

The full Board transition process will not be complete until the 2023 AGM when Chris Chapman’s term as President concludes.

ICSEI’s governance structure comprises:

  • Elected Members
    • The President
    • The President-Elect
    • Up to 6 ordinary elected Directors
  • Up to 4 Board appointed Directors

Note: All these positions are voluntaryand at least 2 Directors have to be resident in Australia

The current ICSEI Board members are listed here.

ICSEI Directors convene subcommittees and manage policy and process functions. These committees report to the Board as well as at the AGM. The Terms of Reference (TOR) for each subcommittee and directors responsible are available here.

We are proud that ICSEI has entered a new era of development, and we want to emphasise that this is the result of a collective effort. The current Board is building on the great work of the previous Boards and Presidents and the support of ICSEI’s members.




Election By-Law

By-Law No 2 Clarification of Transitional Board Matters

ICSEI Board Elections, Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Financial Statements

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