Call for nominations for the ICSEI Board! Nominations due September 4!

The Board of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (“ICSEI”) calls for nominations for the following Board appointments:
The President-elect will serve in this role until the 2023 AGM and will then become President for 3 (three) years (until the 2026 AGM).

Two ordinary elected Directors (Board members)
The Constitution provides that every year, one third of the ordinary elected Directors must stand down at the AGM and may stand for re-election if they have not served the maximum term of 9 years (from when they were first elected to the Board or its predecessor, the ICSEI Pty Ltd Board). This means elected Directors will usually serve for 3 years before being required to re-stand for election.

Only current paid members or life members of ICSEI are permitted to nominate or be nominated for election, or to vote.

ICSEI Membership

ICSEI’s members come from more than 50 countries and represent the continents of the world. They are researchers, school and district leaders, teachers, local and national policy makers and politicians, NGO personnel, and consultants, brought together by their passion and shared commitment to make a positive difference for all young people.

ICSEI Global Networks

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ICSEI Ethical Statement on Generational Renewal, Inclusion and Diversity

ICSEI is a global community collaborating for enhanced quality, equity, and excellence in education, related to school effectiveness and improvement. ICSEI’s purpose is to have an impact on the quality of education by providing an international forum for researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. Our community comes together to:

ICSEI Events

ICSEI events are held throughout year both online and face to face. Our flagship Congress, regional events and new researchers masterclasses are not to be missed.

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