Collaborations and Activities

The Educational Leadership Network utilizes online professional learning networks to enable ICSEI members, who span across the fields of practice, policy and academia, and their wider professional networks to contribute to, debate, initiate or read about current themes in the field of educational leadership. This is done primarily through our Twitter handle, @EDLEADNetwork.

Starting in autumn 2017, the Educational Leadership Network will also be hosting a series of “slow-chats” around key themes such as leadership for sustainability and systems of management. These online chats will enable those interested to get involved and share thinking and ideas around key and emerging themes in educational leadership. To find out more about this, check our Twitter handle regularly and look out for our contributions to the ICSEI Express.

Pre-Congress 2018 focus:

Pursuant with the ICSEI Congress theme of 2018, the Educational Leadership Network (ELN) continues to advance the field with a focus on leading capacity for change. While leadership may have broad reaching impact, we recognize that all leadership is local and highly contextualized. So is the work of capacity development.

A focus on leading capacity for change is fundamentally a focus on challenges for educational effectiveness and improvement informed by available resources, culture, know how, will power, and external pressures. Throughout the 2018 Congress and during the year, network members and supporters will be asked to engage critical questions the explore leadership that builds capacity for change.

Two that come to mind are: What considerations can be made to advance research, policy, and practice related to leadership for capacity and change? and What implications could these have for leading sustainable change in educational settings?

This network session will explore the key considerations when looking at the change capacity and leadership through the lenses of research, policy and practice. This session links seamlessly with the ELN’s 2018 ICSEI symposia. We hope the discussions during this session will stimulate learning, the sharing of new perspectives, and will spark or extend new professional networks for those with a shared interest in educational leadership.

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