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August 2021

ICSEI 2022 

We look forward with anticipation to the next ICSEI Virtual Congress in 2022. The theme is ‘Back to the Future? Problems and Possibilities for Educational Equity, Quality and Sustainability’.

Find out more and submit your proposal:   

The ICSEI 2022 Promotion Committee has organized for all networks to showcase and give insight into their networks in advance of the congress. This can include member spotlights, sharing abstracts linked to the network that have been submitted/are accepted, showcasing Network Sessions planned for during the congress and sharing interesting papers/ publications members of the network have recently published. 

Each ICSEI network has been allocated a two week slot for this where content will also be shared by the @ICSEIglobal account. In a spirit of healthy competition, we hope to showcase the high engagement and global reach of the Educational Leadership Network, and encourage all members to take part during these two weeks between Monday 30th August and Sunday 12th September.

We encourage all network members and friends to engage with @ICSEI_ELN and @ICSEIglobal  Twitter posts, utilizing the hashtag #ICSEIEdLead, and if you have any work, thinking, or ideas to showcase, we encourage you to share:

  • A 30 second video about your previous experiences at ICSEI congresses and encouraging others to participate 
  • Share photos/ posts from previous experiences of ICSEI activity
  • Tweet/ retweet @ICSEI_ELN tweets and don’t forget #ICSEIEdLead
  • Tag friends/ organizations 
  • Participate in this Padlet to share your experiences and contexts

All of this engagement will be an excellent starting point for continued networking and collaboration before, during and after the ICSEI 2022 congress.

Twitter Activity

Thank you to those who have engaged so well with our recent Twitter chats. Keep on the look out for future chats in the lead up to the ELN mini conference, and ICSEI 2022.

Every Friday we will continue to ask members and friends to share books/ publications related to educational leadership, again as a source of inspiration and prompting for all those that follow the account. Please share your publications or any other articles you recommend.

July 2021

Communication sub-committee

Salman Zaed is working on developing our newsletter and preparing content for our social media accounts, please let us know if you like to volunteer to contribute to this subcommittee or if you have any comments/ ideas on how to engage ICSEI ELN members and achieve our goals via this link:

Primarily, this sub-committee will be focused on:

  • Enhancing our current social media output, including the newsletter, to engage as broad an audience as possible.    
  • Broaden the content of what is shared through network communications which could include, for example, announcements for postgraduate or postdoctoral scholarships/ funding, job vacancies, members achievements, network activities, recommended readings etc. 
  • Develop multilingual editions of our output, for example special editions in English, Arabic, German etc. that tackle context specific themes.
  • Building a strong subcommittee of members who are able to spearhead this work collaboratively.

June 2021

Professional Learning Platform

Dr. Martin Scanlan and a group of volunteers are working on developing a platform to facilitate our communications and share resources effectively a platform to foster networking, sharing, learning and collaboration. 

To view the video, please click on the below link. If you are interested in joining a sub-committee who will lead the development of this idea and platform, please let us know by return email ([email protected]):

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