Educational Leadership Network

Network Conveners: Paul Campbell, Jacob Easley II, and Dominique Klein


The Educational Leadership Network is for leaders at all levels: in practice, policy and research. The network is open to everyone interested in matters of management and leadership in the educational realm. The purpose of the network is to:

Share and advance the creation of knowledge in the field of educational leadership, drawing on perspectives from around the globe.
Facilitate networking and collaboration between professionals, policy makers, and researchers in the field of educational leadership.
Offer a unique platform for discussion, dialogue, support, debate and collaboration between interested groups.

Collaborations and activities

As a result of connections made through the network, members have been able to develop and engage in collaborative research projects and activity such as:

Jacob Easley II and Pierre Tulowitzki developed and published ‘Educational Accountability: International perspectives on challenges and possibilities for school leadership’ (2006).
At the annual ICSEI congress, the Educational Leadership Network organises/sponsors symposia related to key themes of the congress and the on-going collaborative work of the network.
The networking and collaboration opportunities at each congress have the aim of building, maintaining and nurturing global networks for those with a common interest in educational leadership that can be utilized between and beyond the annual congress.
To do this, and to reach a wider network, we regularly host Twitter Chats using #ICSEIEdLead and the Twitter handle: @EDLEADNetwork.
Current network priorities include developing webinars and further collaborative engagement tools to enable the regular and meaningful engagement between network members and interested participants on work and projects related to educational leadership.
Current work has been around the themes of:

The relationship between educational leadership and the context(s) for educational effectiveness and improvement
Leadership for sustainable and effective change.

At the 2019 congress, the Educational Leadership network focused on contextual and sectoral leadership needs and demands around the world. This was in collaboration with the Early Childhood Education and Care Network. Our aim was to stimulate discussion around leadership demands when working for effectiveness and improvement, and the sharing of exemplification of this from around the world. This discussion will be continued through Twitter Slow Chats and Webinars during 2019, with follow up symposia at ICSEI 2020.

At the 2019 business meeting, we welcomed a large number of new and familiar delegates spanning school based professionals, policy makers, and researchers who were able to come together to discuss their own contexts and professional roles and interests, as well as explore how we can further develop the network to ensure it facilitates collaboration between interested groups in an effective and sustainable way between congresses.

Paul Campbell
ESF Sha Tin Junior School, Hong Kong
University of Glasgow (Ed.D. Candidate), Scotland

Jacob Easley II, Ph.D.
Dean of the Touro College Graduate School of Education, United States

Dominique Esther Klein, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

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