Network Activity

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a range of opportunities to enable collaboration and networking across the network and beyond.

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June 2021

Leadership Learning for Times of Uncertainty | ELN Conference | Announcement and Call for Papers

The conference will take place online via Zoom. It is meant as an opportunity for members and friends of the ICSEI ELN
to exchange ideas and present their projects addressing current issues in leadership research, policy, and practice.
Participation is free of charge and open to ICSEI ELN members and non-members. Registration details will be
made available soon. Find out more here.

November 2020

ICSEI ELN | Missing Voices in Contemporary Educational Leadership

Tuesday 17th November (9-10am Berlin/ 7-8pm Sydney/ 12-1am Los Angeles) and Thursday 19th November (5-6pm Berlin/ 8-9am Los Angeles/ 11-12pm New York).


At ICSEI 2020 in Morocco, the Educational Leadership Network (ELN) held two symposia and an innovative session taking a comparative look at the conditions, functions, and forms of successful leadership in schools serving marginalized communities in diverging institutional settings. Central to this was the illumination of lessons learned through a practitioner perspective. Importantly, these sessions offered a platform for colleagues from Morocco and the Global South; historically underrepresented voices in the broader research and educational discourse in relation to educational leadership.

Following on from this, the ELN hosted a network meeting and a series of webinars looking at ‘The Leadership Agenda in a Post-Pandemic Era’. The aim of these webinars were to:

Explore current leadership practice in the context of responding to and reflecting on the pandemic experience; and

Establish what we know already, what we need to know, and what voices we need to hear in relation to educational leadership in a post-pandemic era.


Continuing with these aims, the purpose of the next ELN Meeting/ Webinar on November 17th and 19th (repeated to ensure accessibility) 2020 is to explore educational leadership within the context of linguistic, cultural, and geographic contexts that are currently underrepresented in leadership research and discourses.

The webinar will begin with a presentation/ spotlight sharing of practice/research exploring these themes.

This will be followed by the opportunity to join one of three breakout discussions with fellow network members:

  • Discussion on the perspectives and practice/research presented.
  • Share your own localised examples in relation to the theme.
  • Explore and plan for opportunities to collaborate for research/ practice/ policy projects.

We hope as a result of joining and participating in this webinar, you will have the opportunity to explore what voices may be missing from contemporary educational leadership debates, discourse, and research, as well as explore new opportunities across the network for sharing and collaboration.

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September 2020


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