Early Childhood Education and Care Network

The Early Childhood Network was formed at ICSEI in Vancouver, 2009. It consists of a conglomerate of practitioners, researchers and policymakers. When participating in the EC-network you thereby get access to quick way to get information and access to knowledge on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in countries of other participants.

Aims for 2017

At ICSEI 2017 in Ontario, the EC-network aims at arranging a symposium on ?cultural diversity and multilingualism in early childhood education and care?. As in previous years the network gives participants an opportunity to understand, discuss and get inspired from people working to establish, improve or do research on EC-systems in other parts of the world.
In co-operation with the conference organisers the network will also offer activities as meetings with Canadian agencies working within ECEC and arrange visits to ECEC settings. As the presence of network participants varies a lot from congress to congress the meetings during conferences focuses on present relevant dilemmas of the present participants. Earlier years have dealt with subjects as collaboration with parents/relatives, interdisciplinary work across sectors, leadership, transitions/connections between early childhood and school, and on including children?s perspectives as feed-back to staff on areas for quality improvement.

Activities during 2016

During the year 2016 the network will be sharing relevant information as new publications and conferences in a Network Newsletter. As a new initiative it?ll be trying to connect the ECEC-settings we?ve visited during earlier ICSEI-conferences in order to support them inspiring each other and for the network to increase the possibility to learn from managers and practitioners in an international perspective.

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