Professional Learning Network

Dr Cindy Poortman, University of Twente:
Dr Chris Brown, UCL Institute of Education:

The Professional Learning Networks  define learning networks as any group of connected educators who collaborate to leverage this connectivity in order to improve practices in and across schools and/or their school system. Our focus thus encompasses professional development networks, research- or data use teams, communities of practice, lesson study teams, teacher design teams, and so on. These networks typically vary in composition, nature and focus: they may consist of teachers from different schools, teachers and school leaders, or teachers and/or school leaders along with representatives from both local and national policymakers. In many cases networks form in partnership and involve joint work with external researchers. What they all have in common however is that they have learning and improvement at their core.
The network focuses on the role of networks in:

  1. Providing opportunities for knowledge generation and sharing between schools;

  2. Enabling teachers and others to direct their own professional development and enabling individuals to change their own practices through inquiry-led approaches; and

  3. Facilitating partnership working across a variety of stakeholders

We recognize that there are other challenges and related aims for research and practice regarding networks for educational improvement and we look forward to exploring those with you further at the network launch.
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