Nominations for Board Elections

The outgoing Board of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement Pty Ltd calls for nominations for the following Board appointments for the governance period January 2019 through January 2021. These positions are:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • 5 Board Members


The members of the Board must reflect the international character of ICSEI and at least 5 separate countries (preferably from four continents) must be represented on the Board.

A nominee:

  • Must be a financial member of ICSEI. (Financial status can be confirmed by logging onto the membership area of the website.)
  • Must be committed to attending the virtual and face-to-face meetings of the Board.
  • Should normally be available to attend the first meeting of the incoming Board which will be held in Stavanger, Norway, on 13 January 2019.
  • Must acknowledge that they will not solicit votes for election
  • Must supply a three hundred (300) word (maximum) statement that provides details of their contributions to school effectiveness, improvement and innovation and ICSEI, including their vision for ICSEI.


Members wishing to nominate for a position(s) should complete the Nomination Form  and email it to Sheridan Dudley, Executive Director of ICSEI at by midnight on 29 September 2018. A nomination shall require the signature of two (2) financial members (this includes life members), and the signature of the nominee. Members may nominate one person for more than one function, and may nominate more than one person for the Board. Electronic signatures are acceptable. 

We strongly encourage members from different countries, backgrounds and parts of the world to nominate for membership of the Board. ICSEI strives to be a community that is internationally inclusive for all its members and has a strong ethical stance regarding inclusion and diversity.  You can read our Ethical Statement on Inclusion and Diversity here.


An election will be called if:

  • More than one member nominates for the same executive position.
  • More than five members nominate to be a Board Member or there is an over representation of nominations from one country

Voting, if required, will be held during October 2018. Only members who are financial (including life members) shall have the right to vote.  Members will be notified by email if an election is to be conducted and they have the right to vote.  Election information will also be available on the ICSEI website. Please note that you will not be allowed to solicit votes for this election in any way.


At the Annual General Meeting the Nominations Committee shall report the results of the election.  Members of the Nominations Committee are: 

  • Professor Michael Schratz - ICSEI Past President and Chair of the Nominations Committee
  • Professor Louise Stoll - former ICSEI President
  • Assistant Professor Cindy Poortman - ICSEI Networks Representative

We look forward to your active participation in this process.

Sheridan Dudley
Executive Director
27 August 2018