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The Educational Leadership Network is for leaders at all levels: in practice, policy and research. Our focus is to share and advance the creation of knowledge in the field of educational leadership, drawing on perspectives from around the globe. The Network was initiated in 2006 at the ICSEI Conference to ascertain the needs, aims, and purpose of such a Network. It has been well-attended at the ICSEI Conferences and has been developing in capacity and provision. During the 2012 ICSEI Conference in Malmo, Sweden, the first pre-conference was held in conjunction with the Data Use Network and a special Educational Leadership symposium.

Other network initiatives include team-based research and a Network sponsored symposium held during the 2013 ICSEI Conference in Santiago, Chile. More than ten countries were represented for the symposium?s development. The Network engenders the notion of educational systems as it pertains to the collaborative work of network members.

We welcome all members to support the Educational Leadership Network by participating during the annual conference, online, and through ongoing activities.

For more information on the Network, please contact the co-coordinators:

Jacob Easley II (

Pierre Tulowitzki (

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