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NEW! ICSEI 2023 Call for Contributions

The theme for the 2023 ICSEI dialogic is “Problematizing the Relationship between Schools, Families, and Communities.” Download the call for submissions here and plan to submit your work by November 21, 2022.

ICSEI 2022 Dialogic

We are delighted to share the second issue of our ICSEI Dialogic! Click here to download.
The 2022 issue of the ICSEI Dialogic continues the multi-modal conversation and focuses on the 2022 ICSEI congress theme of Back to the Future: Problems and possibilities for educational equity, quality and sustainability. 

This dialogic is a collection of 500 word reflective or viewpoint pieces in response to the congress theme and related questions: How might we (re)imagine possibilities for educational equity, quality and sustainability in uncertain times? What does ‘back to the future’ mean to you?

Questions were collated from the ICSEI community, and we welcomed multimodal pieces (written, video, audio, and/or visual formats) that respond to these (or others):
  • How can we take advantage of the pandemic and amplify the voice of the educator and learner?
  • How can education systems incorporate more student voice and choice so learners can access their passions and curiosities as a means of learning new knowledge and skills?
  • What actions taken during the pandemic can be sustained to address the inequity gap?
  • How might education weave real world problem identification (which is foundational to problem-solving) into the curriculum?
  • How can we leverage real world issues and challenges so that students see the relevancy of schooling?
  • During the pandemic, school leaders have become more important than ever. So, what implications does this current context have for new leaders as they prepare to lead in uncertain times?
This will culminate in an ICSEI Special Dialogic Session taking place at the virtual congress on Wednesday, January 5th 2022, 19.00-20.00 (CET). The draft programme can be found here.

Multi-modal contributions (in written, video, audio, and/or visual formats) should be submitted to the ICSEI Publications Committee by October 1st at [email protected].

Final revisions will be due by November 1st for November 30th publication. 
In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch (Joelle: [email protected], Trista: [email protected]Paul: [email protected]).
Front Page of first issue of ICSEI Dialogic
We are delighted to share the first issue of the new ICSEI Dialogic entitled “Crossing Boundaris and Building Bridges”. Just click on the image to download it.