Deep Dives into innovative case studies

The Deep Dives strand of ICSEI’s Crisis Response in Education Network (CREN) seeks to generate knowledge about strategies and interventions developed in direct response to crises or in the context of larger policy decisions linked with crises, from a case description approach.

These cases can address several issues (curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment and evaluation, psychological and social support, infrastructure, etc.) at different levels of the system (national or regional, local or district, community, school and classroom).

Template for developing deep dives

We invite practitioners, policymakers and researchers to produce short case descriptions based on a template provided by CREN. The template is intended to help people systematize practices with a contextualized approach, share experiences and learning about what works and what does not, reflect on topics that require a deeper study in crisis situations, and project lessons for the future in education.

To assist people in the process of producing these case descriptions, CREN offers the following steps.

1.      Identify experiences that: 

  • Attempt to solve known problems arising from crises in a specific context.
  • Seek positive impact for people or groups affected by the crisis.

2. Document experiences by:

  • Working collaboratively with people involved, maintaining high ethical standards.
  • Keeping track of opportunities, obstacles, processes and outcomes.

3. Learn from experiences to:

  • Prompt action at the local level to cope with the current situation.
  • Inform policymaking to prepare for future challenges.
  • Generate knowledge for school and system transformation.

Please contact Álvaro González if you want to get involved: [email protected].