Online Research Labs

Online research labs are a collaborative research initiative with the aim of providing insights into how the pandemic is changing (aspects of) education in the short and long term. Research labs are structured in three or four session webinars that will encourage active participation of participants during sessions, as well as in between sessions in collecting and sharing information about their own systems. Throughout the sessions, participants will define research questions they want to explore, collect data, and report back with the aim of producing new knowledge. The outcome is a one (or more) paper(s) to be published in an academic journal and practitioner-oriented outlet (to be decided by the group). Key messages from the sessions will also be shared through regular ICSEI channels (newsletter, website, twitter, linkedin). Papers can include empirical work, but can also be essays, position papers or presentations of narrative cases.

The online research lab provides a unique opportunity to engage with international colleagues around a theme and answer a set of pressing questions about the current crisis through a structured and reflective approach. Examples of online research labs organized by the network are ‘’Teaching profession during and after the COVID-19 pandemic’ and ‘School networks’.

Please contact Melanie Ehren if you want to be involved: [email protected]