Voices from the Field

COVID-19 is generating unprecedented challenges, revealing the existing inequities of educational systems around the world. A significant emerging issue is how to support students’ learning, especially those from vulnerable contexts. The purpose of Voices from the Field is to detect and illustrate the challenges, actions, and strategies that teachers, head teachers, and local administrators are implementing to cope with this terrible crisis, from their perspectives and points of view.  Since this a global pandemic, this forum can be of interest to educators around the world, and also provide a space to recognize educational actors from different contexts, how they are coping with challenges, how they are planning and, in some cases, implementing the process of receiving students back to school safely during COVID-19. This is a platform to share and learn from international experiences, spreading the voices from the field, and how practitioners put their hearts and minds to support the lives of their students during this critical global moment.  

Current Voices from the Field:

Coping with COVID in Education in one of the most infected municipalities in Chile: “We are all learning together”

Facing COVID, we have evolved over 100 years in a month: Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil

The Socioemotional and Pedagogical Challenges of COVID-19 in Teno, a rural area of Chile

Headteachers coping with COVID-19 in Colombia: The challenge and value of reaching the families of students

Contact information: If you want to contribute please contact Mauricio Pino Yancovic member of the Crisis response in education network at [email protected] and Sarah Weakley from Policy Scotland [email protected]