President Welcome

President’s Welcome

Welcome to ICSEI.  I am delighted you are here and hope you will join our ICSEI community.  ICSEI is a global community of practitioners, policymakers, and researchers working collaboratively for enhanced equity and excellence in education.  As a global community, involving members from over 80 countries, ICSEI values different voices and perspectives to generate discussion and promote new understanding and knowledge.  We provide an international forum for researchers, school and system leaders, teachers, local and national policy makers and politicians, NGO personnel, and consultants to share ideas, promote research, and advance practices and policies to enhance educational quality and equity for all children.  ICSEI promotes collaborations and partnerships that cross traditional boundaries of policy, practice, and research.  We are a global learning community that shares a deep commitment to improving education around the world through learning from one another. 

ICSEI’s Annual Congress provides an opportunity for members to gather each year in January for formal and informal discussions.  As a global community, we hold our Annual Congress in different countries around the world with previous conferences in Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Morocco, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, and the United States.  I am looking forward to our next Congress in Ireland in January 2024.  I hope you will join us.    

ICSEI is also a networked community. Our seven networks are central to the working of ICSEI: 

  • Crisis Response in Education Network (CREN)
  • Data use
  • Early career
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Educational leadership
  • Policymakers, politicians, and practitioners (3P)
  • Professional learning network (PLN)

Between Annual Congress, the ICSEI networks share ideas, generate research projects, and generate practical research knowledge and tools.  We encourage ICSEI members to join Networks to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and practices and the building of professional learning communities between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers and that span countries and continents.

If you are searching for a vibrant global learning community with a deep commitment to promoting educational equity and excellence globally, I invite you to join ICSEI. We have lots of opportunities for you to present your work to diverse audiences and to learn from engaging with members from different countries.    

Professor Jim Spillane

ICSEI President