Standing Committees

ICSEI has five Board Standing Committees

The Generational Renewal, Inclusion and Diversity (GRID) Standing Committee. This Standing Committee is currently:  

  • developing strategies and initiatives to continually improve diversity, inclusion and generational renewal.
  • developing a policy of ethical risk assessment as part of ICSEI’s overall approach to risk assessment for Congresses and other activities.
  • undertaking cyclical reviews of ICSEI policies and activities to ensure maintenance of and continuous improvement in diversity and generational renewal as a deliberate and embedded feature of ICSEI’s purposes and operations.

The Communication and Knowledge Sharing Standing Committee is currently:

  • Developing an innovative and impactful strategy that pushes the ICSEI research agenda forward
  • Managing the selection, review and publishing of all ICSEI publications
  • Managing the ICSEI website and social media initiatives


The Finance, Risk, Audit and Governance Committee 

The Professional Learning and Networks Committee 

The Standing Committee on Registration and Membership