The 3P Network session at ICSEI 2021

The Future of Education: Student Voices and Reflections from Policy Makers

During the 3P Network session at ICSEI 2021 Virtual Conference, we listened to the students’ voices on the current and future state of education, with observations from policymakers.

OBESSU (The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions) reported on the findigs emerged from the focus groups with high school students from 13 European Countries.

Policy Makers from three countries – Austria, Catalonia (Spain), and Lithuania – reflected on students’ input, commenting on implications shaping their policy directions, moving forward into the next normal.

Gilda Isernia, Research and Policy Assistant at OBESSU, presented the issues emerged during the conversations with students.

Here the methodology adopted for the focus groups with the students.

Comments from policy-makers


Mar Camacho, Director General for Innovation, Research and Digital Culture, Department of Education, Catalonia, presented the measures taken to minimize the negative impact on students’ future opportunities in Catalonia


Jolanta Urbanovic, former Deputy Minister of Education Science and Sports in Lithuania, Professor at Mykolas Romeris University, presented the main factors that affected the education system functioning during the pandemic in Lithuania


Iris Rauskala, former Minister of Education and Director general for Presidential affairs, Federal Ministry of Education Science and Research, Austria, presented the Approach to COVID-19 Crisis in Austria