The ICSEI Monograph Series

The ICSEI Monograph series is an important contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about school effectiveness and school improvement (SESI). It provides an opportunity for leading researchers, policy makers and practitioners around the world to share their ideas, their empirical work and to push the boundaries of the SESI knowledge base.  This Series underlines a commitment to high quality debate, discussion and dialogue based upon evidence. The series is intended to bring new thinking, new challenges and new research to the SESI field.

Members interested in writing an ICSEI Monograph can refer to the  ICSEI Monograph Series Author Guidelines and Declaration Form  and contact [email protected] for further information.

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Issue 1

The Practice of School Instructional Improvement: Improvement, (Infra)-structure & Instruction
James P. Spillane
Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

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Issue 2

Educational Effectiveness Research – What If…?

Professor David Reynolds
University of Southampton, England

Paul Clarke
St. Mary’s University College, London, England



Issue 3

From with – to between – and beyond – school improvement: A case of rethinking roles and relationships

Christopher Chapman
University of Glasgow



Issue 4

Teacher Effectiveness Research and Professional Learning: What if?

Alma Harris
Institute of Educational Leadership
University of Malaya, Malaysia



Issue 5

Local Innovation and Autonomy in Contexts of Standardization and Accountability

Stephen Anderson
University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education



Issue 6

How Do We Create and Exchange Knowledge for Systemic Change?

Louise Stoll
Professor of Professional Learning,
London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL Institute of Education



Issue 7

Student Voice: A Catalyst for Educational Change

Dennis Shirley
Professor, Lynch School of Education, Boston College



Issue 8

Exceptional Effectiveness: Taking a Comparative Perspective on Educational Performance

Alma Harris
Educational Leadership, University of Malaya[/hide]

Andy Hargreaves
Boston College


Issue 9

Leadership of Place: Transforming Schools Into Places of Belonging

Kathryn Riley
UCL, Institute of Education